We aim to remain competitive by aware of market and technology changes and to continue improves our quality management system to provide the best product to the customer

With AMAX,
we give you the power

Amax is an independent lubricating oil brand based in Malaysia, we offer a wide selection of the highest quality lubricants. In today’s developing market.

Our factory includes manufacturing facilities, blending tanks, warehouses, offices, a quality control lab and a technical R&D department. We have everything it takes to offer you high-quality lubricants that meet the high standards. In fact, many of our products have been used by the most renowned car brand.

Amax is growing faster than ever, Our distributors are established, important players in their respective markets. Backed by the experience and expertise of Amax, as well as by an outstanding price/quality ratio, We continue to grow with each passing year as distributors increase their sales.


We have big ambitions for the future.

We’re going the extra mile to inspire loyalty and trust in our customers, partners and employees. And as the world changes, we are agile and flexible enough to change too.

What we’ll do:-

  • Be recognised as a high-quality lubricant within the oil industry – for value, volumes, earnings and brand recognition
  • Grow by an implementation of meaningful customer value propositions, combined with innovative product development and technical solutions
  • Double our manufacturing, marketing and sales of Amax-branded products
  • Enhance the development of Amax brand network to a whole Malaysia.

We will achieve this by being flexible, reliable and responsive driven by the needs of the many emerging economies. We will ensure that our customers – through our ability to add value to them – remain our priority.

That’s not all, we’ll ensure we are responsible both to society and to the world in which we live. We provide the highest quality products and services to our clients by constantly focusing on our three values, Quality, Passion and Strength.



We produce quality products to meet market demands and make sure our products exceed the latest industry standards.

All our products are subjected to strict procedures to ensure consistently high quality.


With our passion, we’re truly flexible and genuine committed to going the extra mile for our brand, our people and our products.


Our products and services perform consistently for better than the competition.